Friday, October 30, 2015

Analysis about how Demographic Dividend of India can be properly utilized

More than 60 % of India's population currently lies in the age bracket of 15 to 60 years but many surveys have revealed that majority of them are unemployable.

In "Demographic Dividend", Demographic denotes the number of persons in the working age group and dividend denotes the workmanship, employability and skill set of those persons. So if the dividend is missing the figure of 60 % becomes null and void.

Flaws in India's Demographic Dividend - 

1. Developing skill is not an overnight process. A long time procedure has to be evolved. Youths after completing their 10+2 and graduation can not be trained in 6 months or 1 year for all types of jobs. Jobs requiring higher specialised skills need to be inculcated in the students in a time frame spanning from 3 to 4 years.
2. Practical training of students has to start right at the time they enter schools and colleges.

3. Number of educated people need not necessarily imply employability. Practical knowledge should be treated at par with theoretical knowledge.

4. Women lying in this demographic range of 15 to 60 may not necessarily be available to work due to social constraints. So women empowerment should be vigorously pursued to reap full benefits of demographic dividend.

Ways of creating jobs in India - 

1. Of the three sectors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary), Secondary sector is the most work intensive and the skill set required to work in it is the highest, so secondary sector should be encouraged in order to enhance employment.

2. The Make in India initiative of the Union Government should be encouraged inviting foreign manufacturing behemoths to set up their training institutes and workshops in India creating jobs.

3. The Make Outside India initiative proposed for the South East Asian nations should be initiated with Indian workers working there, very much like what China has been doing for some time now.

4. The Industrial Training Institutes (ITI's) started by Central and State Governments should be operated on a Public Private Partnership basis for sector specific wants.

So looking at above points we can sum up that no doubt the Demographic Dividend of India is unmatchable in the World but its employability is very much doubtful and we can not expect corporates to invest in India until and unless they get skilled manpower to work here. So all stakeholders involved have to work in unison for making the workforce of India ready for all types of jobs so that claimed Demographic Dividend of India can be said to be the real Demographic Dividend of India.

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