Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can Communism Threaten Modern Day Democracy of India

Literary Institutions are the places believed to inculcate in individuals the notions of free and rational thought providing them the freedom and platform to evolve themselves into sovereign individuals free from any type of prejudices.

On the other hand literary personalities through their written works and teaching impart the same message of rational thought. They are considered to be the most farsighted of all.

Both of the above thoughts were manifested in some of the recent events be it the opposition to the Indian Institute of Management Bill 2015, opposition to the appointment of Mr. Gajendar Chauhan as the head of FTII(Film and Television Institute of India) and the very recent case of Sahitya Academy Award winners and many other award winners returning their awards in response to the recent remorseful events of Mr M.M. Kalburgi death, Dadri lynching case and many other such events which have occurred in the past few months.

Some reasons of why influential literary personalities and academic institutions may bring about a change are -

1. They have a huge fan following that too of the intellectual lot thus transferring their message and teachings huge weight and impetus.

2. They have the ability to counter ill measures with properly explained facts and figures.

3. Media of all type provides them with the required audience and platform to spread their message.

Hence these guys have a moral responsibility but that does not means anyone else does not have any role to play. Each and every citizen of India have a responsibility of maintaining the secular and free fabric of our Indian culture and promoting fraternity.

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