Thursday, October 22, 2015

Modern Day Characteristics of Indian Culture and its problems

Indian Culture has been an ongoing gradual assimilation of numerous cultures spanning right from the Indus Valley Civilization in ancient times which also includes the Vedic Period to the Mughal/Persian influence in the medieval period upto present day and the process is still active. So having this much diversity the traits of Indian Culture have become enormous in magnitude and they vary according to communities, ethnicity, location, language etc.

Some traits common to everyone in India are as follows - 

1. Having respect for each other's customs and beliefs.

2. Sense of brotherhood towards everyone around us.

3. Respect for our elders and love for our young ones.

As Indian Culture is so wide and enormous, so some occasional contradictions between two beliefs are bound to occur and they have been occurring for quite some time now. This does not necessarily means that the Indian Culture is under threat.

Recently there have been many instances like ban on Santhara(Jain religious practise of fast unto death) by the Rajasthan High Court, killing of author M.M. Kalburgi, blocking the visit of Pakistan's former External Affairs Minister, imposing ban on meat consumption during festivals and many others.

These instances are occurring in silos/isolation and can be dealt up with separately with proper dialogue and mutual consultation. The responsibility is not only on the authorities but also on the people so that their effects are minimal on the society.

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