Thursday, October 22, 2015

Will you prefer your Happiness over Happiness for everyone around you

Philosophy is the science of understanding and analysing the real, virtual, spiritual, moral, ethical aspects of any given situation in totality. When this study is conducted giving special impetus to the moral and immoral aspects it becomes the case of moral philosophy.

Everyone wants to be happy and they have right to do so but their right poses the question up to what limit that right can be exercised.

1. For me the right to my happiness is the first but I can not do it on the cost of other's happiness as that if done will make me sad and disturbed.

2. I have an inner conscience and it says to me that I want myself and the people around me to be happy as happiness in isolation is tantamount to sadness.

3. In similar placed circumstances I will definitely choose my happiness but in unequal circumstances the decision has to be taken contextually.

So moral philosophy regarding happiness can not be considered to be a philanthropy or advantage at the cost of our own or any other person's happiness respectively.

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