Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Common One Word Substitutions Denoting Specific Places

1. abattoir-a place where animals are slaughtered for the market

2. apiary-a place where bees are kept

3. aquarium-a tank for fishes

4. arena-a place for wrestling

5. arsenal-a place for ammunition and weapons

6. asylum-a place for lunatics, and political refugees

7. aviary-a place where birds are kept

8. archives-a place where government records are kept

9. burrow-the dwelling place of an animal underground

10. cache-a place where ammunition is hidden

11. cage-a place for birds

12. casino-a place with gambling tables etc.

13. cemetery-a graveyard where the dead are buried

14. cloakroom-a place for luggage at a railway station

15. convent-a residence for nuns

16. crèche-a nursery where children of working parent are cared for while their parents are at work

17. crematorium-a cremation ground where the last funeral rites are performed

18. decanter-an ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcoholic drinks

19. dormitory-the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution

20. drey-a squirrel’s home

21. Elysium-a paradise with perfect bliss

22. gymnasium-a place where athletic exercises are performed

23. granary-a place for storing grain

24. hangar-a place for housing aeroplanes

25. hive-a place for bees

26. hutch-a wooden box with a front of wire for rabbits

27. infirmary-a home for old persons

28. kennel-a house of shelter for a dog

29. lair/den-the resting place of a wild animal

30. mint-a place where money is coined

31. menagerie-a place for wild animals and birds(Sanctuary)

32. monastery-a residence for monks or priests

33. morgue-a place where dead bodies are kept for identification

34. mortuary-a place where dead bodies are kept for post-mortem

35. orchard-a place where fruit trees are grown

36. orphanage-a place where orphans are housed

38. portfolio-a portable case for holding papers, drawing etc.

39. reservoir-a place where water is collected and stored

40. resort-a place frequented for reasons of pleasure or health

41. stable-a house of shelter for a horse

42. sty-a place where pigs are kept

43. scullery-a place where plates, dishes, pots and other cooking utensils are washed up

44. sheath, scabbard-a case in which the blade of sword is kept

45. sanatorium-a place for the sick to recover health

46. tannery-a  place where leather is tanned

47. wardrobe- a place for clothes


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