Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Decisions Have Both Ethical and Factual Elements and Outcomes

Herbert Simon in his Behaviour Alternate Model has talked about 2 very important factors which should be considered while making a decision. They are –

(a) Factual Premises
(b) Value premises.

While making decisions we should keep in mind facts and also the ethical values which are as important as facts. Many administrative theories having propounded the concept of Maximum Good of Maximum People” brings in play the ethical aspect of the decision made. If any decision harms the concern of a majority number of people then keeping in mind the ethical values those decisions should not be taken.

For eg. While legislating on Nuclear Liability Law, foreign companies setting up the Nuclear plant will try to limit their liability in case of an accident but the Government before making an agreement will take under consideration the human rights and security of the persons living in the vicinity of the plant. So looking at this example we can say that only looking at the commercial aspects of any business will ignore the moral aspects which are equally important. Here the commercial and moral aspects can be said to be equivalent to the factual and ethical content.

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