Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Difference between the features of NITI Aayog and Planning Commission

NITI(National Institute for Transforming India) Aayog

(a) Will have a Chief Executive officer and Vice Chairperson to be appointed by the Prime Minister.

(b) Chairperson is PM.

(c) Its governing council will have CM of states and LG of Union Territory.

(d) Regional Councils can be set up for specific period of time and for specific work and will have CM and LG in it.

(e) A maximum of 4 Union Ministers to be nominated by PM as ex-officio member.

(f) Two part time members from renowned relevant institutions and 4 to 5 full time members.

Planning Commission

(a) Deputy Chairman to be nominated by the PM and he will have the status of a Cabinet rank.

(b) Chairperson was PM.

(c) Its plans were reviewed by National Development Council which had CM and LG as members

(d) No such provision of Regional Councils in Planning Commission. 

(e) 10 Cabinet Ministers including the Planning Minister to be the ex officio members.

(f) It had 8 full time members who were the experts of their domain and having the rank of Minister of State.

Niti Aayog also has the provision of special invites in forms of specialists, experts from concerned and relevant domain to be nominated by the Prime Minister.

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