Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Difference in Leadership of Executives and Managers of an Organization

Executives strictly abide by mechanical compliance with the routine directive and so do the Managers but Managers while leading not only influence their subordinates but are also influenced by them. 

Leaders are vested with powers to get things done and they can use this power in either of these 2 ways – 

(a) Power Over (b) Power with.

This is where leadership is the influential increment as that attitude of the leader will directly influence the morale and motivation of the worker and will indirectly affect the efficiency of the work process and organization.

Conflict occur routinely in organization and it is the choice of the leader whether he address them by domination or compromise or integration.

Coordination, conflict solving and anticipation have to be catered to by the leader efficiently and if he does it efficiently he takes the credit and if he fails he takes the wrath.

So leadership is naturally having an influential increment over all aspects of an organization and its efficiency and foresightedness is the most important factor.

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