Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Different Names for Different Types of Governments - One Word Substitutions

1. anarchy-absence of Government

2. aristocracy-Government by the nobles/lords

3. autocracy-Government by one person (Synonym of this word is Dictatorship)

4. Autonomy-the right of self-government

5. bureaucracy-Government run by officials

6. Democracy-Government by the people

7. gerontocracy-Government by old men

8. kakistocracy-Government by the worst citizen

9. neocracy-Government by the inexperienced persons

10. ochlocracy-Government by mob(Synonym of this word is Mobocracy)

11. oligarchy-Government by a few persons

12. panarchy-Government run universally

13. plutocracy-Government by the rich

14. secular-Government not by the laws of religion

15. Monarchy-Government by a king/Queen

16. thearchy-Government by the Gods

17. theocracy-Government by the laws of religion

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