Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Different Professions being denoted by One Word Substitutions

1. anchor-a person who presents a radio/television programme

2. anthropologist-one who studies the evolution of mankind

3. astronaut-a person, who travels in spacecraft

4. calligraphist-a person who writes beautiful writing

5. cartographer-one who draws maps

6. choreographer-one who teaches art of dancing

7. chauffeur-one who drives a motor car

8. compere-one who introduces performing artistes on the stage programmes

9. curator-one who is incharge of a museum/a cricket pitch

10. florist-one who deals in flowers

11. invigilator-one who supervises in the examination hall

12. lexicographer-one who compiles a dictionary

13. radio jockey-one who presents a radio programme

14. psephologist-one who studies the pattern of voting in election

15. sculptor-one who gives shape to stone

16. usurer-one who lends money at very high rates

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