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Explaining Percentages Concepts through Question Solving Video (16 questions)

In this video I have tried explaining and revising concepts of Percentages by solving some questions that are frequently asked in competitive examinations. I have related them with the concepts that I have explained in my previous percentages video. In order to properly understand them I would advise all of you to watch the video again and again and solve more and more questions. You can ask doubts related to any question in the comment section below.

Ques 1. Ram spends 20 % of his monthly income on his household expenditure, 15 % of the rest on books, 30 % of the rest on clothes and saves the rest. On counting, he comes to know that he finally saves Rs. 9520. Find his monthly income.

Ques 2. In an examination, 80 % students passed in Physics, 70 % in Chemistry while 15 % failed in both the subjects. If 325 students passed in both the subjects. Find the total number of students who appeared in the examination.

Ques 3. Ram sells his goods 20 % cheaper than Bobby and 20 % dearer than Krishna. How much percentage is Krishna's goods cheaper or dearer than Bobby's ??

Ques 4. The entrance ticket of a circus in  New Delhi is of Rs. 250. When the price of the ticket was lowered, the sale of tickets increased by 50 % while collections recorded a decrease of 17.5 %. Find the deduction in the ticket price in rupees ??

Ques 5. Sneha went to a furniture shop to buy a sofa set costing Rs. 13,080 . The rate of sales tax is 9 %  . She tells the shopkeeper to reduce the price of the sofa set to such an extent that she has to pay Rs. 13,080 inclusive of sales tax. Find the percentage reduction needed in the price of the sofa set to satisfy her requirement.

Ques 6. A and B have between them Rs. 1200. A spends 12 % of his money while B spends 20 % of his money. They are then left with a sum that constitutes 85 % of the whole sum. Find what amount is left with A ?

Ques 7. A fraction is such that if the double of the numerator and triple of the denominator is changed by +10 % and -30 % respectively then we get 11 % of (16/21). Find the value of the fraction.

Ques 8. The minimum quantity of milk in litres that should be mixed in a mixture of 60 litres in which the initial ratio of milk to water is 1:4 so that the resultant mixture has 15 % milk is

Ques 9. After three successive equal percentage rise in the salary, the sum of Rs. 100 turned into Rs 140 and 49 paise. Find the percentage rise in the salary.

1. 12 %
2. 22 %
3. 66 %
4. 82 %

Ques 10. To pass an examination 40 % marks are essential. A obtains 10 percent marks less than the pass marks and B obtains 11.11 % marks less than A. What percentage less than the sum of A's and B's marks should C obtain to pass the exam ??

Ques 11. India scored a total of x runs in 50 overs. Australia tied the scores in 20 percent less overs. If Australia's average run rate had been 33.33 % higher the scores would have been tied 10 overs earlier. How many runs Australia scored ??

Ques 12. A salesman is appointed on the basic salary of Rs. 1200 per month and the condition that for every sales of Rs. 10000 above Rs. 10000, he will get 50 % of the basic salary and 10 % of the sales as a reward. This incentive scheme does not operate for the first Rs. 10000 of sales. What should be the value of sales if he wants to earn Rs. 7600 in a particular month.

Ques 13. In the previous question, which of the following amount of money can be achieved by the salesman in a month

1. 6000
2. 10000
3. 11000
4. All of the above

Ques 14. Price of a commodity is first increased by x % and then decreased by x % . If the new price is K/100 then find the original price of the commodity.

1. (x-100)100/k
2. (x2-1002)100/k
3. (100-x)100/k
4. 100k/(1002-x2)

Ques 15. The prices of raw materials has gone up by 15 %, labour cost has also increased from 25 % of the cost of the raw material to 30 % of the cost of raw material. By how much percentage should there be a reduction in the usage of raw materials so as to keep the cost same.

Ques 16. In an election of 3 candidates A,B and C, A gets 50 % more votes than B. A also beats C by 18000 votes. If it is known that A gets 5 percentage point more votes than C, find the number of voters on the voting list given that 90 % voters on the voting list voted and no votes polled were invalid.


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