Saturday, November 14, 2015

Has Scientific Management Expanded the Scope of Public Administration?

Scientific Management Theory tells us how to streamline the working of an organization by sorting out issues between Management and Workers. SMT proposes a mental revolution on part of both Management and Workers so that overall efficiency and effectiveness can be brought in an organization which would be for the benefit of all. The theory of SMT was given keeping in mind an organization but its principles are equally applicable when it comes to Government administration.

In Government administration distribution of portfolios/ministries among ministers is similar to the concept of work distribution in SMT.

The principle of science of work of SMT has been implemented by adopting appointment of specialist in appropriate key positions. For eg. Appointing a renewed doctor and economist as health and finance minister. Concept of scientifically selected and trained men of SMT to select Bureaucracy and training them to implement policy decisions.

As in SMT, both management and workers are responsible for their set of work, similarly in Public Administration in addition to Government, people are also responsible for their accountable actions. Eg. In India fundamental duties under Article 51-A were incorporated by 42nd amendment 1976.

Naturally when in 1930’s the application of SMT was augmenting the efficiency of an organization its principle were gradually tested in Government administration in which they worked quite well. Even today we would find the principle of SMT in use in Government Administration all over the World though in a modified and less abstract form.

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