Saturday, November 14, 2015

India Invests in Thirty metre telescope (TMT) being developed in Mount Mauna Kea Hawaii

India has signed a multilateral agreement and has agreed to spend Rs. 1299.8 crore for the development of TMT (Thirty Metre Telescope) in Hawaii. TMT is being constructed on Mount Mauna Kea which is around 4207 metres above sea level and total investment in the project is estimated to be around $1.47 billion. It will comprise of 492 hexagonal mirror segment of 82 different types –

How does India stands to gain from TMT –

(a) Our understanding of Universe will increase.

(b) A spherical mirror segments manufacturing technology will be acquired from Caltech (California Institute of Technology).

(c) This acquired technology will help India in generation of spy satellites in future.

(d) India has the job of creating control system and software bringing in valuable experience and expertise.

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