Monday, November 16, 2015

Is it Good to Thank Others for their Good Work Towards the Society

We all have to do jobs for earning a living. While working if we say that we only need money and nothing else will be wrong. We all want a dignified life and need constant inspiration & encouragement. Encouragement Keeps an individual going and acts as a moral incentive to perform his job efficiently. The job of a traffic police person is difficult as he has to constantly monitor the moving traffic and his job responsibility specially becomes important as unalert monitoring on his part can lead to traffic jams and accidents. So we as responsible citizens of India have a moral responsibility to thank him for his tough job and even if we feel no such responsibility then also making someone happy is not going to cause us any harm.

In our society broadly people work either in private sector or they work for the Government. In both of them they have to deal with many different persons – senior or junior. While interacting with them it is important to maintain graciousness in our behavior especially in central government jobs where public servants are appointed to serve the common people. If we are not going to exhibit gratitude in our dealings it is going to portray us in a wrong sense. If we are not thankful and appreciative towards others we are not going to get that back. Gratitude can help us being connective in nature which would be profitable in private relationships and will make us famous in public relationship. We can not earn respect and consideration without giving it. So gratitude is one of the most important factor in any relationship be it public or private.

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