Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is Scientific Management Monopolizing Knowledge and Depersonalizing Work

Scientific Management Theory(SMT) believes in allocation of work in a scientific manner. It involves assessment of work and labour scientifically and allocates work to labour according to his skill set. The work of planning, organizing, allocating work and appointing supervisors belongs to the Management. A particular work man after being assigned a job will do that job only and his knowledge will be confined to his job domain. 

Whereas Management while doing assessment and allocation of work gets to know about all functions and domain. So monopoly of knowledge remains with the management. Adding to this the SMT defeats the overall purpose of Trade Unions which if working properly will apprise workers of their rights and incentives.

Depersonalization of work occurs many a time when the principle of SMT are implemented. SMT allocate work to workmen scientifically and regard them as a cog in a machine. So when they are regarded as a part of a machine least amount of attention would be given to their interests. Hence de personalization will occur as it is not important that their skill work matches with their interest. Also they have no say in policy formulation.

Precisely because of the above reasons the SMT has been heavily criticized by Human Relation and Behavioral school.

The threat perception of above issues can be analysed by looking at geographical contexts. In developing countries people need money and SMT is giving them money so they are favouring SMT. In developed countries where people have started looking for non monetary and human benefits, SMT is not that wanted today as it was some decades ago.

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