Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kautilya’s Arthashastra very Important for present day Administration in India

Kautilya’s Arthashastra is rightly the oldest text written in ancient India on Public Administration. In Spite of it being written in the age of monarchy and legitimizing absolute authority which brings in inequality it still depicted the King as the servant of the state and its people. Looking at the current system of administration in third World countries like India the below principles of Arthashastra are still relevant.

(1) The ruler should surrender his individuality in the interest of his duties.

(2) To ensure people’s welfare there must be a properly guided administration and the civil services 
is needed to be watched and guided.

(3) Avoiding extremes in the functioning of the state keeping in mind the final aims and goals. For eg. In today's globalized world excessive liberalization should be avoided and state must properly regulate essential subjects.

(4) King and Ministers should follow a proper code and conduct and live a disciplined life as their subjects are going to emulate them.

(5) The salaries and allowances of all public servants including the king would be fixed.

(6) Appropriate preventive and punitive measures to be taken by king against the corrupt Government servants.

(7) If any Minister is not working properly he should be replaced by the King.

(8) Giving consideration to merit and ability while appointing Government servants at Key positions.

Looking at above principles we can sum up that ancient Arthashastra is still very important when it comes to nowadays responsibilities in Public Administration.

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