Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One Word Substitutions Denoting General Objects With Synonyms and Antonyms

1. abdication-voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone

2. almanac-an annual calendar with position of stars

3. amphibian-animal that live both on land and sea

4. allegory-a story that expresses ideas through symbols

5. anomaly-departure from common rule

6. aquatic-animals that live in water

7. autobiography-the life history of a person written by himself

8. axiom-a statement accepted as true without proof

9. anonymous- bearing no name

10. belligerent-one that is in a war-like mood (Synonym of this word is Bellicose)

11. biography-the life history of a person (written by some other person)  - One which is written by the person himself is known as Autobiography.

12. biopsy-examination of living tissue

13. blasphemy-an act of speaking against religion (heresy)

14. chronology-event presented in order of occurrence

15. conscription-compulsory enlistment for military service

16. crusade-a religious war

17. drawn-a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat

18. eatable-anything to be eaten

19. edible-fit to be eaten

20. encyclopaedia-a book that contains information on various subjects

21. ephemeral-lasting for a very short time/a day

22. epilogue-a concluding speech/comment at the end of the play(Antonym of this word is Prologue)

23. extempore-a speech made without preparation(Synonym of this word is impromptu)

24. fable-a story relating to birds/animals with a moral in the end

25. facsimile-an exact copy of handwriting, printing(Synonym of this word is Xerox)

26. fatal-that causes death

27. fauna-the animals of a particular region

28. flora-the flowers of a particular region

29. fragile-that can be easily broken

30.gregarious-animals which live in a flock, used for human beings also (Synonym of this word is sociable)

31. illegible-incapable of being read(Antonym of this word is legible)

32. inaccessible-a person/place that cannot be easily approached(Antonym of this word is accessible)

33. impracticable-incapable of being practiced (Antonym of this word is practicable)

34. inaudible-a sound that cannot be heard(Antonym of this word is audible)

35. incorrigible-incapable of being corrected(Antonym of this word is corrigible)

36. irreparable-incapable of being repaired (Antonym of this word is  reparable)

37. indelible-a mark that cannot be erased(Antonym of this word is delible)

38. infallible-one who is free from all mistakes and failures(Antonym of this word is fallible)

39. inedible-not fit to eat (Antonym of this word is edible

40. inflammable-liable to catch fire easily(Antonym of this word is non-inflammable)

41. inevitable-that cannot be avoided(Antonym of this word is evitable)

42.indispensable-that cannot be dispensed with, removed(Antonym of this word is dispensable)

43. interregnum- a period of interval between regimes and governments

44. intelligible-that can be understood (Antonym of this word is unintelligible)

45. lunar-of the moon

46. maiden-a speech or an attempt made by a person for the first time

47. mammal-an animal that gives milk

48. manuscript-a matter written by hand

49. nostalgia-home sickness. Memories of the past

50.omnipresent-one who is present everywhere

51.omnipotent-one who is all powerful

52. omniscient-one who knows all

53. parable-a short story with a moral

54. parole-pledge given by a prisoner for temporary release not to escape

55. panacea-a remedy for all ills

56. pantheism-the belief that God pervades nature

57. pedantic-a style meant to display one’s knowledge

58. plagiarism-literary theft or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own

59. platonic-something spiritual(love)

60.portable-that can be carried in hand

61. potable-fit to drink

62. plebiscite- a decision made by public voting

63. pseudonym-an imaginary name assumed by an author

64. quarantine-an act of separation from a person to avoid infection

65. quadruped-an animal with four feet

66. referendum-general vote of the public to decide a question(Synonym of this word is plebiscite)

67. red-tapism-official formality resulting in delay

68. regalia-dress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremonies

69. sacrilege-violating the sanctity of religious places/objects(Synonym of this word is desecration)

70. sinecure-a job with high salary but a little responsibility

71. soliloquy-a speech made when one is alone

72. soporific-a medicine that induces sleep

73. souvenir-a thing kept in memory of an event

74. swan song- the last literary work of a writer/an artist

75. solar-of the sun

76.Transparent-that can be seen through(Antonym of this word is opaque)

77. venial-a slight fault that can be forgiven

78. verbatim-repetition of a speech or a writing word for word

79. utopia-an imaginary land with perfect social order

80. zodiac-a diagram showing the path of planets

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