Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One Word Substitutions Denoting Mortality

1. cemetery-a graveyard where the dead are buried

2. cortege-a funeral procession comprising a number of mourners

3. cremation ground/crematorium-a place where the last funeral rites are performed

4. obituary-an account in the newspaper about the funeral of the deceased

5. elegy-a poem of lamentation on the death of someone loved and admired

6. epitaph-words inscribed on the grave/tomb in the memory of the one buried

7. filicide-murder of one’s children

8. foeticide-murder of one’s foetus

9. fratricide-murder of one’s brother

10. genocide-murder of race

11. homicide-murder of a man/woman

12. infanticide-murder of an infant

13. matricide-murder of one’s mother

14. parricide-murder of one’s parents

15. patricide-murder of one’s father

16. regicide-murder of king or queen

17. suicide-murder of oneself

18. uxoricide-murder of one’s wife

19. sororicide-murder of one’s sister

20. mortuary-a place where dead bodies are kept for postmortem

21. morgue-a place where bodies are kept for identification

22. post mortem-Medical Examination of a dead body (Synonym of this word is Autopsy)

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