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Shortcut for Interconversion between complex Fractions and Percentages and 19 Questions Solved

In this video I have first explained how to change complex fractions into percentages and vice versa. These type of questions are directly asked in Bank Po type examinations and when it comes to CAT there understanding is very important. After that I have told what is the effect of percentage change in the numerator and denominator on the whole number. The effect of numerator change is easy to understand but the effect of denominator change is slightly tricky to understand. Now after finishing with these two things I have then started explaining below questions.

Convert below fractions into percentages -

Ques 1. 783/1869

Ques 2. 459/685

Ques 3. 1234.5/15.5

Ques 4. 107.5/1007.5

Ques 5. 68.5 % of 6563

Ques 6. The population of a town is 2 lakhs. If the population increases at the steady rate of 2 % every year, what should be the population after 4 years ?

Ques 7. If all sides of a cuboid increases by 4 %, the volume would increase by

Ques 8. The price per unit of an article decreases by 4 %, while the consumption in units decreases by 8 %. The final expenditure would decrease by

Ques 9. The length of a rectangle increases by 6 %, while its breadth decreases by 5 %. The area would increase by

Ques 10. In accordance with the provisions of the new budget, Ram pays tax at the rate of 5 percent of the taxable income and 10 percent as special surcharge on the amount of income tax levied. He altogether pays a tax of Rs. 22,000. Find the gross pay of the man. The taxable income is 80 % of the gross pay.

Ques 11. In a colony, 60 % of the total population of the colony are men and 12 % of the total population of the colony is literate. If 20 % of the women in the particular colony are literate, then find the number of illiterate men in the colony as a percentage of the total number of men in the colony.

Ques 12. In the General Election involving only two parties, the number of votes against party A increased by 25 % over the previous election, and party A lost the election by a margin twice as large as that by which it had won the previous election. If a total of 2,60,000 people voted at both the elections, how many voted for the party A at the previous general election ?

Ques 13. At National Institute of Management, in a batch of 160 students, 75 % of the students did not have any prior work experience. Out of the students who had prior work experience, 80 % are engineers. The percentage of the number of commerce graduates as a percentage of the number of students in this batch who are not engineers is 50. If the number of engineers is greater than the number of commerce graduates, then find the minimum possible number of engineers in this batch who do not have prior work experience.

Ques 14. The price of diesel increased by 25 % and so a person reduced his consumption by 25 %. What is the percentage change in the expenditure incurred by him on diesel ?

Ques 15. Radius of the base of a right circular cylinder is increased by 10 % and height is decreased by 20 %. What is the percentage increase or decrease in (a) Area of the base (b) Volume of right circular cylinder

Ques 16. Sam marks up an item successively by a % and b % on his cost price. Then he gives a single discount of c % to bring the selling price down to the level of cost price. Which of the following is definitely true ????

1. a + b = c
2. a + b > c
3. a + b < c
4. Not possible to find

Ques 17. Due to the reduction in the price of mangoes by 30 %, a customer can buy 15 mangoes more in the same amount. Find the original number of mangoes he used to buy ??

Ques 18. A water melon weighs 8.5 kgs. The watermelon contains 70 % water by weight. However, once left to dry in the hot sun for 3 days, it loses 75 % of the water content by weight. What is the water content by weight percentage in the watermelon after it has been dried in the sun for 3 days ??

Ques 19. Arun was carrying eggs from his farm to the wholesaler On the way, 5 % of the total number of eggs were broken. He sold the remaining eggs to the wholesaler at a price so that he made neither a profit nor a loss on the total number of eggs he started with from his farm. Find out the profit percentage on the eggs he sold to the wholesaler??


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  2. In this video u have explained q3 wrong because how 80% of 155 can be 12400 it is 124 only

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    1. its not percentage sir calculated the multiplication of 155*80

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