Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spying between countries a common phenomenon nowadays

In today’s globalized world the interactions and assets exchange between different countries has increased significantly. Going by India’s past experience in foreign affairs matters it can be said that we can not rely or trust any other country in matter of national interest. The Government's first responsibility is towards the populace and for that if spying is necessary than it should be done. In view of the increased global terrorism, increasing militant activities, fear of stockpiling of nuclear weapons and other threats every country needs to know what is going on in its neighborhood and this assumes special significance in case of India due to the presence of volatile and disturbed neighbours.

The role of ethics in spying can only be checked after the spying is done because if nothing wrong towards our country is done then spying will ultimately stop. The whole role of spying is to check the ethical attitude of the friendly country.

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