Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Time Periods Denoted by One Word Substitutions

1. annual-happening once in a years

2. biennial-happening in two years

3. triennial-happening in three years

4. quadrennial-happening in four years

5. quinquennial-happening in five years

6. decennial-happening in ten years

7. semicentennial-50th anniversary

8. Centennial-100th anniversary (Centenary)

9. sesquicentennial-150th anniversary

10. bicentennial-200th anniversary (bicentenary)

11. tricentennial(tercentenary)-300th anniversary

12. Tetra centennial-400th anniversary

13. penta centennial-500th anniversary

14. sexagenarian-one who is in sixties

15. septuagenarian-one who is in seventies

16. octogenarian-one who is in eighties

17. nonagenarian-one who is in nineties

18. centenarian-one who is hundred years old

19. century-a period of hundred years

20. millennium-a period of 1000 years

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