Thursday, November 26, 2015

Time Work Wages Pipes Cisterns Question Solving Video

In this video I have solved 11 questions of Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns and have covered many concepts that I had detailed in theory. I would advise my viewers not to skip the videos of question solving as they are equally important when it comes to learning and understanding the topic. The questions discussed in this video are listed below.

Question 1. X,Y and Z can do a piece of work in 6 days, 8 days and 10 days respectively. Find the time taken by X,Y and Z working together to do a work which can be done by Z alone in 25 days ?

Question 2. Tap P2 takes thrice the time taken by tap P1 to fill a tank. It takes 12 hours to fill the tank if the two taps are opened simultaneously. How much time does it take to fill the tank, if tap P2 alone is open ?

Question 3. A work can be completed by 7 boys and 2 girls in 8 days, if they work for 12 hours a day. Working at the same rate, 6 boys and 20 girls can do the same job in 4 days. In how many hours can 8 boys and 8 girls complete the work ?

Question 4. M can complete a work in 20 days. There is another person N who is 25 % more efficient than M. If M and N work combinedly in how many days will they finish the work ?

Question 5. A,B,C and D working together produce a total of 200 books. In producing books, A is thrice as efficient as B but 75 % less efficient than C, which in its turn is half as efficient as D. How many books will be produced by B in these 200 books ?

Question 6. Three taps can fill a tank in 10,15 and 30 hours. If each tap is opened for one hour one after the other till the tank gets full, how long does it take to fill the tank ?

Question 7. In a tank of dimensions 5x6x7 meters, the inlet pipe can supply at 5 meter cube per hour and outlet pipe can empty the tank in 30 hours. If the two taps are opened simultaneously, how much time does it take to empty the tank which is completely filled ?

Question 8. In a tank, there is a leak, which can empty the tank in 20 hours at 3/4th of the height above the base. There are two pipes filling the tank which can fill the tank in 6 hours and 12 hours respectively. In how much time will the tank be filled if both the filling pipes are opened simultaneously ?

Question 9. If X can produce 60 watches in 9 days and Y can produce 70 watches in 21 days, how many days do they take to produce 100 watches together ?

Question 10. An insect, which is at the bottom of a 50 meter deep well, is trying to come out of it. In every jump it covers 1.25 meter but slips down 0.75 meter. In how many jumps it would come out of the well ?

Question 11. There are four persons who can do a work in 19 days each individually. The work is started by one of the persons on the first day. Everyday one more person joins and starting from the fourth day, all the four peoples work together. In how many days will the work be completed ?


  1. in question 5
    1/a + 1/b + 1/c + 1/d = 1/200

    1/a = 3/b , b=3a
    1/a = 1/4c , a=4c
    1/c = 1/2d , c=2d

    from above b=12c b=24d

    now 3/b + 1/b + 12/b + 24/b = 1/200
    40/b = 1/200

    sir i have carefully watched your videos. i have tried the sum as above. can u tell me what wrong i am doing in the above sum. i know i had done something wrong

  2. sir i have considered the part 1 of your video please whenever you are free please explain what mistake i have done

  3. 10th question is classic sir


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