Monday, November 16, 2015

Top Down Approach Versus Administrative Management Approach

The top down approach also known as scalar chain is very much relevant today if used with suitable adjustments. Even classical theorists like Fayol propounded the concept of Gang plank to do away with negative points of hierarchical authority. Today this top down approach is used all over the World in most organizations with appropriate safeguards to listen to the problems and concerns of the employees at lower levels.

Administrative Management Approach propounded by Classical theorists like Fayol, Gullick and Ur-wick is good due to following points –

(a) It focuses mainly on administrative elites so specially important when dealing in field of Public Administration. 

(b) It specifies responsibility and authority. In case the job is not completed the concerned officer can be punished. 

(c) This approach is open to flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions.

(d) Decisions that are good for organization as a whole and not for any particular individual need to be taken under this approach.

(e) An employee will have only one boss and there will be one plan and one heal for every activity.

(f) Work has to divided and completed by specialized and trained individuals.

(g) There should be discipline between the employer and employees.

(h) It also provides the doctrine of Esprit de Corps which means harmony and union among the personnels of an organization which enhances the overall administrative efficiency.

Administrative Management Approach was first propounded by Fayol and later on additions were made to it by Luther Gullick and Lyndall Urwick.

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