Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Indices and Surds Rationalization Basic Concepts Video Lecture with Solved Examples

In this video I have explained the concepts of Indices and Surds. First I have explained all properties of Indices i.e. when to add indexes and when to subtract them. Around 8 important formulas have been explained. Then I have told the cases in which the indexes will be even and odd and what differences they are going to cause. Then I have taken up questions and solved them using the properties and formulae that I had already explained. Then the most important thing of Indices in which I have explained how to compare different numbers having different bases and indexes. While comparing you have to just remember one thing that you will try here to make one thing constant across all numbers - It may be the base or index. After that I have started explaining Surds and explained how are the Surds Rationalised. Around 17 questions have been solved by me in this video. Those questions are listed below in the snapshot that I have uploaded on this blog post.


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  2. Sir, in 14th sum if we rationalize it they come to be equal. Can you please look at it. ThankYou

  3. I think the final answer in ques 15 can be negative since the under root terms maybe either positive or negative. Considering the negative case the answer may come out as negative. Please confirm if my point is valid.


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