Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quadratic Equations Question Solving Practise Part Two Video Lecture

In this video we will revise almost all the concepts that I have till now discussed with you regarding the topic quadratic equations in my previous video. I have told you the basics of quadratic equation and now in this video I would show you how to apply those concepts while solving questions in the real exam. This video of question solving is very important as this you have to apply live while attempting the exam. The questions discussed in the video are listed below.

Question 1. 1/a+ 1/b = 3/2 and 1/a2+ 1/b2 = 5/4

Find the value of a and b ?

Question 2. One of the two students, while solving a quadratic equation in x, copied the constant term incorrectly and got the roots as 3 and 2. The other copied the constant term and coefficient of x2 correctly as -6 and 1 respectively. The correct roots are ??

Question 3. In the quadratic equation 7x2 - 12x + k = 0, one root is thrice the other root of the equation. Find the value of the constant k ?

Question 4. How many common roots are their between x2 - 5x + 6 = 0 and x2 + 5x + 6 = 0

Question 5. If x2 + ax + b leaves the same remainder 5 when divided by (x-1) or (x+1), then the value of a and b are ??

Question 6. 2x6 + 5x3 - 7 = 0, find the value of x if it is positive ??

Question 7. If m and n are roots of the equation x2 + x - 7 = 0, then find the value of (m2 + n2) and (m3 + n3).

Question 8. If the difference between the roots of the equation 2x2 - kx + 15 = 0 is 1/2, find the value of k ?

Question 9. Square root(x2 + 6) + Square root(x2 + 3) = 5, then find the value of x ?

Question 10. If one root of the equation x2 - 8x + 15 = 0 is the same as one root of the equation x2 - 10x + k = 0, then find the value of k ??

Question 11. The denominator of a fraction is one more than the square of the numerator. When the numerator is increased by 2 and the denominator is increased by 9, the new fraction formed is equal to 1/5. If the numerator is positive, find the original fraction ?

Question 12. The sum of the squares of two positive numbers is 185 and the sum of the larger and thrice the smaller is 35. Find the larger of the two numbers

Question 13. A positive number exceeds its reciprocal by 168/13 . Find the value of this number ?

Question 14. Find the minimum value of the quadratic equation 3x2 + 4x - 5 ?

Question 15. Find the maximum value of the quadratic equation -9x2 + 2x + 3 ?

Question 16. If 3 + under root 8 is a root of quadratic equation x2 + ax + b = 0, given that a and b are integers, calculate the value of a3 + b3 ?

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  1. This is the first time i have gone through this website and went through the Quadratic chapter. It is excellent!! Will be using this for my GMT Prep.

  2. sir in question number 2 why don't you put the standard form of the quadratic equation which is ax^2 + bx +c = 0. Rather than ax^2 - bx +c =0.

  3. sir in question number 7 why didn't we put the direct value m+n and mn in the m^3+n^3 . instead of m^2+n^2-mn into (m+n)^2-3mn .

  4. Sir where do you work ????

  5. Question 16. If 3 + under root 8 is a root of quadratic equation x2 + ax + b = 0, given that a and b are integers, calculate the value of a3 + b3 ?
    can you please solve it because i didn't understand in the video. because there is lag in the video in the end part.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Great work very much involved and interesting while eatcwatc your vedios thank you


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