Monday, September 12, 2016

Economic, Political & Social Impact of October Revolution on Russia and India

Impact of October Revolution on Russia: 

1) Economic Impact of October Revolution

a. The Bolsheviks were totally opposed to private property. The government took over ownership and management. Land was declared as social property and peasants were allowed to seize the land of nobility. 

b. In cities, Bolsheviks forced the partition of large houses based on family requirements

c. They started the practice of Kolkhoz or collective farming which reduced incentives for the farmers to produce more 

2) Political Impact of October Revolution

a. The Bolsheviks were renamed as Russian Communist Party and conducted elections in Nov’17 which they lost. In January 1918, the Constituent Assembly rejected Bolshevik measures and Lenin dismissed the assembly 

b. In the years that followed, the Bolshevik became the only party to participate in the elections to the All Russian Congress of Soviets which became the Parliament of the country and Russia became a one party state 

c. Trade unions were kept under party control. 

d. The secret police punished those who criticized the Bolsheviks 

e. It also led to civil war in Russia 

3) Social Impact of October Revolution

a. Banned the use of the old titles of aristocracy 

b. Curbed freedom of speech and expression. 

Initially many young writers and artists rallied to the party for support because it stood for socialism and change. However many became disillusioned because of the censorship 

Impact of October Revolution on India 

1) It led to the growth of militant nationalism as the condition during and post World War was ripe for greater dissatisfaction with British. In this situation, the Russian Revolution happened, by which Russia shed control of all its territories and declared all people to be equal. This became a source of inspiration for Indians. 

2) The revolutionary nationalists were deeply influenced by the methodology and outcome of Russian revolution. They, unlike the moderates and extremists of Congress Party intended to get complete independence by revolutionary methods as practiced by Russia. The Yugantar for instance started advocating more bomb making and plundering of post offices, banks and government treasuries for financing revolutionary activities 

3) It led to the widespread dissemination of the ideals of socialism and in the decade after Russian Revolution, class issues began to be discussed in greater detail in India through the efforts of young leaders like Nehru and Bose. Also, after the Third Communist International, CPI(Marxist) was formed in India and they they also enabled the spread of ideals of Marxism

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