Sunday, September 25, 2016

Write Content for PADMAD and Earn

Hello friends. I have been inactive on this blog in the last one year. Well not enough time to work on the blog. But friends I have an opportunity for some of you. Many of you are sitting at home and preparing for different exams. So if some you are hardworking and have good English writing skills then may be you can earn some amount of bucks by writing content for PADMAD.ORG

People who should not be interested in this Assignment - 

1. People who are well off are not required as I would be paying a very average amount.

2. People who are in a job earning more than Rs. 20000 per month are not required.

3. If you are below average in writing English.

People who should be interested in this Assignment -

1. People who have respect for knowledge and are striving hard to achieve something in life.

2. People who are hard working and have a no complaint attitude.

3. People for whom earning knowledge is more important than earning money.(The sort of 3 IDIOTS attitude - Follow Excellence Success will automatically follow) 

4. People who are comfortable in reading and writing English.

5. If you make some grammatical mistakes. That would be OK as before publishing the article I would correct them. But too many grammatical mistakes would jeopardize the basic purpose of hiring content writers.

6. If you are appearing for any exam like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO etc then you can expect my help for your preparation. I can help you with your basic doubts and provide some counselling.

7. You don't need to know Search Engine Optimization as the SEO part will be taken care of by me.

How much would I pay for writing an Article or Blog Post - 

I will pay you Rs. 100 per article. Your article should be of minimum 700 words. Any article of less than 700 words will not be entertained. If your article is really good then after some time I would consider paying you Rs. 150 per article.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your article should not be copied from anywhere.

If you ever provided any article which is copied from anywhere else I would not entertain any future articles from you and also cancel any of your outstanding payment. Also your authorship label will be removed from the website and your profile banned from the blog. Before applying for this assignment keep in mind that this job is for hardworking people who have respect for other people's content.

Is Rs. 100 per article less - 

Well if you will compare yourself to professional bloggers and article writers you will find that they get around Rs. 600 to 1000 per article of 1000 words. Seems a handsome amount but that they get when they are proficient in SEO, have a vast writing experience and huge knowledge database. They have been doing this thing for years.

Any newcomer article writer will find it difficult even to manage Rs. 50 per article without any experience or expertise.

My Experience with job salary - 

I had a lower middle class upbringing. So I very well know what is the value of money and knowledge as whatever I have achieved today is because of my knowledge. When I was in Engineering I worked for 2 months in Call Centre during my summer internship which paid me Rs. 8000 per month. 6 days a week job night shift of 10 hours. I LEARNED NOTHING IN THIS JOB except how to get abused.

When I joined my first Engineering job, my per month in hand salary was Rs. 17500 per month and that was one of the best campus placements of my college. I worked 6 days a week 10 hours per day. I worked there for 14 months only to realise that this is not what I should do. SAME LEARNED NOTHING IN THIS JOB ALSO.

When I started teaching in a renowned coaching institute in Dehradun in January 2013, I got Rs. 250 for a 2 hour class. Slowly slowly I increased my knowledge level. There were instances when students were asking me questions in classroom and I didn't had the answer. It was very embarrassing but still through my hard work I was able to manage the pressure. I LEARNED IMMENSELY IN THIS JOB.

3 months back I got a call from a Delhi coaching institute. They were offering me to teach at Rs. 1500 per hour. So for a 2 hour class it was Rs. 3000. From Rs. 250 to Rs. 3000. I got many lucrative teaching offer before but somewhere I thought that I should teach online. So I made videos reason for which was having self satisfaction.

I am currently not actively involved in teaching as my job is in Mumbai. So by writing all this I want you to realise that at this learning phase of your life you should focus on understanding and learning. Excellence is what you should strive for.

How would you benefit by writing Articles/Blog Posts - 

1. Earning Rs. 100 per blog post.

2. Learning a lot because before writing you would research a topic which involves hard work and effort. Also writing will improve your spoken and written English which will benefit you immensely.

3. You will have your own profile on the website. The readers will know that the article is being written by you. So you will have a brand of your own. Your photo will be displayed at each blog post written by you. This can help you enrich your resume.

4. If you are preparing for any competitive exam I will help you with your doubts as far as possible. You can be in touch with me and ask for help related to your studies and career counselling.

What sort of Articles you need to write - 

This is the most important topic. The following qualities are expected from the articles written by you.

1. The content must be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. It should be drafted by you. You can collect the information from different sources but you should compile it in your own words. Don't try to copy the content. Copied content will not be entertained.

2. You can write on a varied range of topics. You can write articles of Technology, Education, History, Economics, Sports, Science, Inspiration or anything which is useful and provides good information to the visitor.

3. The minimum word limit is 700 words per article/blog post. Anything less than 700 words will not be entertained.

4. There should be a proper layout of the article/blogpost. It should have an introduction followed by body paragraphs and a sort of conclusion at the end. The paragraphs should not be too big. Say for a 700 word article four paragraphs of 175 words would be good.

5. The language should be easy and easily understandable.

6. Do not write excessively long and complex sentences.

7. Whatever the topic is you should write content which is related to the topic. It should not be haphazard writing. Your content should match the central idea of the title of the blog post.

8. It should not be boring.

9. If you want a particular image to be added in your blog post you can send me the URL of that image.

Show me your skills - 

So after reading the requirements if you are interested in the offer please send me four articles written by you. Those four articles should match the criteria written above. If your articles meet all of the above requirements I would welcome you onboard PADMAD.

Remember even after becoming a member of PADMAD, if I do not liked articles sent by you, I will not publish those articles and will not reimburse you for them. You will get paid only for those articles which will be published on

You can send your articles on

In the mail please send your contact number also.


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