Sunday, March 18, 2018

Second 2nd Anglo Mysore War Explained

Second battle of Mysore from 1780 to 1784 can be said to be an indecisive battle as it took 4 years to complete and also the final victory was not clearly towards any side.

Hyder Ali had made war treaties with both the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad but neither of them were willing at that point of time to mess with British East India Company so Hyder Ali was left alone to deal with the Britishers.

The army of Hyder Ali was quite large at that point of time around 80000.

Hyder Ali in 1780 swept down the Eastern Ghats and laid the siege of British forts in Arcot before the Britishers could do anything.

In response to this, British forces started from Madras to remove the Siege of Arcot under the command of Hector Munro.

One more British force was sent from Guntur to reinforce the forces of Hector Munro under the command of Colonel William Baillie.

In order to combat these British attack, Hyder Ali himself lifted the siege of Arcot and moved on to confront the forces of Hector Munro.

Also Hyder Ali, sent his son, Tipu Sultan to Porto Novo to neutralise the reinforcement forces of Colonel William Baillie.

At Pollilur, the forces of Colonel William Baillie.were defeated badly and in response to the Hector Munro retreated back his army to Madras.

After defeating the forces of Colonel William Instead of launching a full fledged attack on Madras Hyder Ali choose to renew the Siege of Arcot.

When Warren Hastings came to know about this news he dispatched a new force under Eyre Coote to deal with Hyder Ali.

Eyre Coote's army was able to defeat Hyder Ali's army thrice at Porto Novo, Pollilur and Sholinghur however in all three instances Hyder Ali was able to withdraw his soldiers on time so that significant losses could be avoided.

Hyder Ali died in 1782 and Tipu Sultan finally concluded peace on 28th June 1784 through the Treaty of Mangalore.

Treaty of Mangalore

Through this treaty both sides agreed to restore the territories to each other's custody as they were before the war. The treaty is an important document in the history of India, because it was the last occasion when an Indian power dictated terms to the Company

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