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Third & Fourth Anglo Mysore War & Treaty of Seringapatam

Third (3rd) Anglo Mysore War

1. Things were not very well between the British East India Company and Tipu Sultan since the end of the Second Anglo Mysore War.

2. The Treaty of Mangalore had a provision that all the prisoners of Second Anglo Mysore War would be released by both the sides but Tipu Sultan didn't honoured this provision.

3. In the same Treaty of Mangalore, there was a provision that the Britisers would not make any formal alliance with Marathas and Nizam.

4. Despite this Lord Cornwallis somehow succeeded in convincing Marathas & Nizam to stay away if a war ensues between Tipu and Britishers.

5. In 1789, the travancore ruler Dharmaraja made some fortifications in the territory which were said to be under Tipu Sultan's influence.

6. Also Dharamaraja purchased two forts from the Dutch East India Company which were located in the area of Cochin and at that point of time cochin was under the influence of Tipu.

7. Travancore at that point of time was an ally of Britishers and was doing all these things with the notion that Britishers will come to help if something goes wrong.

8. These activities of Travancore's ruler Dharmaraja had already enraged Tipu and he attacked Travancore.

9. In response to this, the forces of British East India Company attacked Tipu.

10. Tipu was not supported by Coorg, Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas as they were kept away by the shrewd diplomacy of Lord Cornwallis.

11. The war resulted in the defeat of Tipu and the result was the Treaty of Seringapatam 1792.

Treaty of Seringapatam 1792

12. Almost half of the territories of the Mysore Sultan were confiscated which included the territories of Malabar, Dindigul, Coorg and Baramahal.

13. Britishers made Tipu Sultan to pay Rs. 3.3 crore as war indemnity.

14. The Raja of Coorg was liberated from the influence of Tipu Sultan.

15. Two sons of Tipu Sultan were kept as hostages by the Britishers to ensure that Tipu's obeys to all the terms of the Treaty of Seringapatam.

Fourth Anglo Mysore War 1798-99

Tipu Sultan sought help from Napolean and wanted Napolean to visit India but that didn't happened.

One of the commanders of the Tipu's army, named Mir Sadiq was purchased by the Britishers which bought them in an advantageous situation.

Tipu Sultan was shot and killed. 

Tipu Sultan refused the humiliating conditions which were imposed on him and declared "Its better to live one day as a lion rather than living 100 years as a jackal."

Lord Wellesley declared a war on Tipu and he was supported by Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad.

After the death of Tipu, the Wodeyar dynasty was restored on the throne of Mysore and it became a princely state under the control of British East India Company.


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