Sunday, March 18, 2018

Understanding the Concept of Geomorphic Processes

We all know that our Earth is not uniform and variable land forms are seen at different locations due to different reasons.

For eg. we see mountains, we see plateaus, hills, plains, ravines, cliffs etc.

Why is there so much difference in the land forms.

The reason can be explained through one phenomenon named as geomorphism or geomorphic processes.

What are Geomorphic Processes ?

Whatever we observe at the surface of the earth is due to the internal and external forces that bring in stresses both physical and chemical leading to change in configuration of the surface of the earth.

Types - (Endogenic Process and Exogenic Process)

Endogenic Process

Slow Movement (Diastrophism)

Vertical Epeirogenic/Continental Building {including both upward and downward movement}

Horizontal Orogenic/Mountain Building {including both compressive forces and tension forces}

Sudden Movement

Volcanism and Earthquake

Exogenic Forces

Weathering, Erosion & Deposition.

So basically endogenic forces are land building forces and exogenic forces are land wearing forces.

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